Fieldwork Opportunities
The ancient acropolis of Halai, in the present seaside town of Theologos, Greece, was located near major land and sea routes in antiquity, and its well preserved remains are easily accessible today. The site flourished from about 6000 to 5300 B.C. during the Neolithic period and, after a hiatus, in Greek, Roman and early Christian times. The well-stratified Neolithic levels give evidence for domestic life and regional interconnections. In the Archaic Period, it was a fortified city with civic and secular buildings bisected by a major NW-SE artery leading to the temple of Athena. In the Hellenistic period it was a florishing harbor town that furnished the passing naval and commercial traffic with food and water. In early Christian times, the temple was replaced with a church, which has yielded a sixth-century mosaic featuring birds. Fishing, farming and trade were principal activities at all times. Past seasons, during which many volunteers have participated, included surface survey (1988-89), excavation (1990-92 and 1996), and study seasons (1993-95, 1997-2014).


A eight-week study season will take place in 2015 from June 15-August 15. Work will take place at CHELP's workrooms in the town of Tragana. Finds from all periods of occupation at Halai will be studied. We welcome applications from volunteers who are willing to join the study season for at least 4 weeks. We are mostly looking for volunteers who have taken several university courses in archaeology, who have had some experience working with archaeological finds or who have have special skills such as photography.

A program of conservation at the site of Halai may also take place during the same period for which some help may be needed but this is still uncertain.

Volunteers normally provide for their own travel and receive basic room and board while participating. Volunteers and some regular staff members are housed in tents at the program's facilities at Vivos, which is located about half way between the site of Halai and the town of Tragana. The facilities have been considerably updated in recent years. Accommodations can also be arranged at Tragana at the volunteer's own expense.

If interested, please contact Coleman by e-mail at for further information.  If you would like to apply as a volunteer, please send Coleman by e-mail a resume of your academic studies and interests, a brief description of any previous experience and a listing of the names and phone numbers of two people who know you and your work and who can be contacted for recommendations.

If you have any questions, please send mail or email  We'd like to thank everybody who has contacted us already to express an interest in the project. Opportunities for participation are limited and that it may be some time before we will make final decisions about participants.

We are always interested in visitors, so if you are in Greece, please come to visit us. See information on getting to Halai.
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