John E. Coleman, J. A. Barlow, M. K. Mogelonsky, K. W. Schaar, et al., Alambra: A Bronze Age Settlement in Cyprus (Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology CXVIII) P. Åströms Förlag, Jonsered, 1996.

Frontispiece add caption as on p. xxi

p. vii, footnote 6 omit

p. xxi, List of Figures, 2 add to caption: The pillow lavas are indicated by gray shading

p. xxv, List of Plates, 6, b read: View from northwest. Room 2' in foreground (1980)

p. xxv, List of Plates, 6, c read: Room 2' from southwest (1978)

p. 140, 2nd paragr., l. 5 read: analyzed examples are tin bronze. Two Alambra examples (A34, A36) are tin bronze ...

p. 344, 2nd paragr., ll. 7, 8 read: are of two types commonly found in Cyprus: one is a toggle pin (A3) and the other two are rings (A34, A36) ...

Figure 2 add to caption as given above for p. xxi

Plate 6, b and c correct caption as given above for p. XXV