Steve Halasz

Currently I am working with the Cornell Halai and East Lokris Project (CHELP). CHELP is an archeology project centered on the ancient Greek town of Halai. I use computers to work with various types of archeological data. I went to Greece with the project in the summer of 1997. Most of the material that follows is CHELP related.
I did some experimentation with 3D landscape visualization for CHELP. There are several different attempts at conveying 3d landscape information here.
I also experimented with 3D rendering of objects for CHELP. Here are the results of my efforts with an Early Cycladic beaker found near the Halai site.
After the study season was finished at the site in Greece, I had a few weeks to travel around the country. I hiked in the Parnassos, Vardhusia, and Iti mountain ranges. I had a lot of crazy experiences and even learned to speak a little Greek. Here are some pictures.

This Archaic Skyphos was pieced together at the site. If your browser supports JavaScript, you can piece it together yourself.

I love to work on websites. Check out the various sites I have created or contributed to.