CHELP Image Archive

These images are large to show greater detail.
They range in size from 20-140Kb.

A. East Lokris, General
B. Objects Found during CHELP Surface Survey
C. Maps of Region of East Lokris
D. Views of Region of East Lokris
E. Halai, Maps and Plans
F. Halai, General Views
G. Halai, Views of Area F
H. Halai, Views of Areas A & B
J. Halai, Views of Areas C, E, & H
K. Halai, Views of Area G, including Mosaic in Church
L. Halai, Neolithic Objects
M. Halai, Archaic Objects
N. Halai, Classical and Hellenistic Objects
O. Halai, Roman Objects
P. Halai, Inscriptions
Q. Miscellaneous-Vivos, Schoolhouse, People
Qa. People
Qb. Vivos, living
Qc. Workrooms
Qd. Archeological Techniques
Qe. Miscellaneous
R. Mitrou (Bronze Age Site near Tragana)
S. Elean Pylos
T. Kephala
U. Alambra

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