Halai, focus of the Cornell Halai and East Lokris Project, is located in the seaside town of Theologos (Ayios Ioannis Theologos), in Lokris (a district of the larger province of Phthiotis). Project administrative activities are divided between the former Schoolhouse in Theologos (opposite the church that gives the town its name; Ph. 0233 93330) and the Coleman/Purdy property (no phone) at Vivos (BIBOS in Greek), a little bay about 3 kilometers southwest of Theologos, in the territory of the town of Proskynas. Participants live both in Theologos and Vivos. The town of Theologos is administratively part of the district of the larger town of Malesina, ca. 6 k. to the southwest. We try to keep the following information up-to-date; note, however, that things can change quickly in Greece!


BY CAR: from Athens take the National Highway (Ethniki Odos) north towards Lamia and Thessaloniki. Take the exit for Malesina, about 124 k. from Athens and follow signs for Theologos (about 8 k. from the National Highway on a good paved road). The archaeological site is within Theologos, on the north side of the bay, about 200 m. to the right after the road reaches the sea. For the Schoolhouse, turn off to the left before reaching the sea. The trip is 2 hours or less, depending on traffic.

BY BUS: take the 2:30 PM Malesina bus from Athens, as described below; in July and August it goes all the way to Theologos after a stop in Malesina. Or take a Lamia bus, as below, get off at the Malesina exit from the National Highway, and walk or hitch the 8 k. to Theologos. People are generous about offering rides and it is probably safe to accept, except perhaps for women alone.


BY CAR: take the National Highway to the Malesina exit about 124 k. from Athens and follow the signs for the village of Proskynas. The property is about 2 1/2 k. north of Proskynas. Turn onto the road leading north, usually marked by a faint sign BIBO and continue going north toward the sea. The property has a small house on a fenced-in plot, numbered 8 on the white gatepost, the second to last house before the sea. A grape arbor leads to it from the gate. There will be tents in the back during field seasons. The sea is a few hundred meters further on.

BY BUS: take any Lamia bus, as below, and get off at the Malesina exit. Then make your way to Proskynas and Vivos as just described. Or go past the Malesina exit, get off at the tollgates (diodia in Greek, pronounced thi-o-dhia with the accent on the o) at about 132 k from Athens, exit from the National Road on the north side and walk northeast for about 3 k. along the rural roadway to the house.


You leave Athens from the bus station for central and northern Greece, known generally as the KTEL LIOSSION because it is on Liossion Street. The KTEL LIOSSION is north of the center of Athens and can be reached by taxi or by city bus (number 24). From the KTEL LIOSSION take a bus marked for AMIA (Lamia; the line that provides service to our area) and buy a ticket for the crossroads for Malesina (if going to Theologos or the Coleman/Purdy property at Vivos) or for the toll gates (see above; this will be the second set of toll gates after leaving Athens, since there are also toll gates near Thebes) as an alternative route to the Coleman/Purdy property. Follow the directions above for Halai or the Coleman/Purdy property.

Daily at 2:30 PM there is also a direct bus from the KTEL LIOSSION to Malesina. In July and August the bus has a continuation to Theologos, arriving at 5:30 PM; otherwise, taxis are usually available in Malesina (ask at the kafeneion where the bus stops).

The Lamia buses leave the KTEL LIOSSION daily every hour at 15 minutes past the hour from 6:15 AM to 9:15 PM. The Saturday and Sunday schedule may have fewer buses in the evening. The trip takes about 2 hours. The bus usually makes a rest stop, sometimes just before getting to our area. The phone number of the KTEL LIOSSION is 831-6811. A ticket constitutes a seat reservation. Try to get there a little early; if all seats are taken, you can make the trip standing or take a later bus.

Taxis from the airport to the KTEL LIOSSION are not too expensive. In the summer (July and August) there is often also an express city bus from the Athens airport to the KTEL LIOSSION, a 20-30 min. trip. It leaves from immediately outside the arrivals area. Another express bus goes from the airport to Syndagma Square, the heart of Athens.

During the summer we may be able to meet you at the Malesina crossroads on the National Highway or in Malesina if you call us ahead of time at the Schoolhouse in Theologos.


Halai Excavations

c/o Nikos I. Psarras

Malesina, Phthiotidos 35001


Tel: 30 (country code) 233 (area code) 51 183

The "caretaker" in Greece for the Coleman/Purdy house and for the project generally is Nikos Psarras (at above address). He lives just beside the main square in Malesina, a few steps from where the bus stops; ask for him at the kafeneion (coffeehouse) nearest the corner of the road in from Athens. He or his family can take phone messages in Greek; nobody in his household speaks English but somebody else in the kafeneion or nearby is sure to. IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, if you cannot reach us at the Schoolhouse in Theologos (0233 93330), contact us via the American School of Classical Studies (see below) or via the mayor of Malesina (see addresses below).

We may also have e-mail in the summer and be reachable at



54 Souidias Street, GR 106 76 Athens, GREECE

Tel: 301 (country and area code) 721-5833; 723-6313 or 6314; Fax: (301) 725-0584

Director: James Muhly (

Messages for project participants sent by telephone, telegram, fax or mail to the American School of Classical Studies will reach us eventually and the School can also reach us quickly in case of an emergency (Dr. Robert Bridges, Secretary of the School, is the person to contact during July; E-mail


HOTEL ANESIS, Malesina 35001, Phthiotidos, GREECE Tel: 51-214

HOTEL GALAXIAS, Theologos, Malesina 35001, Phthiotidos, GREECE Tel: 93-211

ECONOMO'S SILVER BAY HOTEL, Theologos Tel: 93-291/3

OTHER USEFUL ADDRESSES AND PHONE NUMBERS (Greek area codes in parentheses; omit initial 0 if calling from the US):

Schoolhouse in Theologos (Project workrooms/storerooms) Tel: (0233) 93 330

Mayor of Malesina (lived in the US for many years, he and his wife speak English):

Dr. Loukas Karamintzos, Malesina, Phthiotidos 35001 Tel: (0233) 51-537

Archaeological Guard (Archaiophylakas) for Halai:

Yiannis Kyranas, Martino: Tel: (0233) 61-731

Archaeological Service for Phiotiotis (our district): Phanouria Dakoronia, Director

Ephoreia Proistorikon kai Klassikon Archaioteton, Archaiologiko Mouseio, Kastro Lamias,

Lamia 35100, Greece Tel: (0231) 29992

Archaeological Service Museum/Storerooms, Atalanti. Tel: (0233) 23-355

Department of Classics (120 Goldwin Smith Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca NY 14853):

Tel: (607) 255-3354 or 255-8328

Fax: (607) 254-8899

Hospital in Lamia Tel: (0231) 30121

APHRODITE HOTEL, 21 Apollonos Street, Athens Tel: (01) 323-4357

Athens Center, 48 Archimedous Street, 116 36 Athens. Tel: (01) 701-2268

Harry/Maria Coccossis, 17 Grammou St, Melissia 151 27, Athens Fax 804-8429, Tel: (01) 804-8447

Liveria Insurance (Automobiles), 8 Benaki Street, Athens Tel: (01) 321-0701

Mr. Motorent (car rental agency), 71 Basilissis Sophias, Athens Tel: (01) 723-9396

Yiannis Papademitriou, 7 Praxitelous, Kefisia, 145 63 GREECE Tel: (01) 620-5020

Michalis Papanastasiou (auto mechanic, Malesina) Tel: (0233) 51-535

Nikos I. Psarras, Malesina, Phthiotidos, GREECE 35001 Tel: (0233) 51-183

Spyro Rogan, Thetidos 10, Athens 115 28 Fax and phone 729-0645, Tel: 721-2908

TEMPI HOTEL, 29 Aiolou Street, Athens 10551 Tel: (01) 321-3175


Greece from America (011) 30; America (from Greece) 001; Athens (elsewhere in Greece) 01